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Magento Innovations Lab round 4

The Magento Innovations Lab round 4 goes until the end of this month March 31st, 2019, and they have news, we will have Innovations Lab incorporating into the Adobe Sneaks at Imagine 2019. It’s time to get inspired!

Imagine 2018 - General Sessions

Magento Innovations Lab Round Four & Announcing Sneaks at Imagine 2019!

Once again, they are looking for early stage, experimental, bleeding edge implementations of emerging technologies on the Magento platform. Anything that enhances and improves the customer experience – either directly or indirectly. And don’t forget opportunities with Adobe Experience Cloud.

For this round, we will also be incorporating Innovations Lab into Sneaks at Imagine 2019. Adobe takes pride in showcasing on the keynote stage some of their super smart engineers to share short demos that provide an inspiring and entertaining look into future technologies. What better way to merge Adobe’s fun and creative Sneaks program with Magento’s passionate open source community!

Here are the details. Three (3) innovations selected from this round will have the opportunity to present their solution LIVE on the keynote stage at Imagine 2019 in Las Vegas, May 13th – 15th. Additionally, we will be selecting one innovation from each of the previous three (3) rounds to also present onstage. (More details on that selection process forthcoming.)

The Round Four submission window is open Monday, February 4th – Monday, March 31st, 2019.

  • Official Rules can be reviewed here
  • Submit your innovation using this form